EzySplitz Multi-Coloured Split Rings 19mm/.75″ – 4*Pack (EZ1x4MULTI)


Split rings have been made and sold virtually unchanged for over a hundred years: strong, secure, inexpensive and – apart from causing pain, frustration, anxiety and broken nails – perfect.

Introducing EzySplitz, the revolution in key ring technology that’s here to save your nails and your sanity!

Whether you’ve got manicured, long, or barely-there nails, EzySplitz is your hero, offering a no-fuss, no-tools-required solution to adding or removing keys with ease.

With its patented design, EzySplitz banishes the age-old problem of hard-to-open rings, blending the tried-and-true durability and affordability of classic split rings with groundbreaking ease of use.

Why pay for expensive, complicated, difficult to use key rings or key chains when you can choose EzySplitz stainless steel split rings instead?

EzySplitz – where innovation meets everyday needs.

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